DoomsDay Aardvark Random Rant

Something Truly Random

OK, I realize that I may have stepped on a few toes with that last rant. There will be more to read on that subject another time. In the mean time, I have other things to talk about.

First off, as I mentioned the other day on the front page, I have a new computer. Her name is Medea. You're probably wondering just exactly why I chose that name, especially if you know anything at all about Greek mythology. For those that don't, Medea was the wife of Jason (you remember, the guy who fleeced the king for a bunch of gold?). She was also a villain later on in the myth, and was also the villain in another myth (Theseus, I think). After reading them, (which you really ought to do if you really care) I decided that I just had to name a computer after her. Well, I finally got one put together, and there she is. Right now she's waiting for me to buy a power strip, but after that, she'll be helping me share out my mp3 collection to the rest of the machines on my little (but ever-expanding) home network. I also plan on using this little box to learn a bit more about file sharing, with pretty much every protocol imaginable.

On a related note, I've also just acquired a little 486. I plan on using this little sucker as a DOS gaming machine. While preparing the drive that is now in Medea, I found an old archive of DOS games. I have about 100 MB of the little things. All I need to do now is pick out a name. I have a few ideas, most of which come from the same source as the computer itself: Porcapine, Flopsie, Mopsie, Bruce, and Turtle. By the way, that was NOT a misspelling.

On a totally unrelated note,


On a different (but still totally unrelated) note, It is just being one of those days. This little rant isn't really much of one. I just sort of felt like rambling.

Back to Medea again. (hey, it says right in the title that these are random). Puting the little devil together was WAY too much work. First off, I had to get the motherboard into the case. That was quite possibly the worst part. I have described the case to some friends as having been designed by (are you ready?) a vindictive, dyslexic, left-handed sociopath. Nothing in that case was where it was supposed to be. The motherboard is only screwed in in one place, because there were no others available. Then the hard drive wouldn't fit right. Then I found out (with the help of Kevin) that the IDE cable was on backwards. Then the BIOS wouldn't find the drive. Then it worked. She's living up to her evil little name. But she's running Debian 3.0 now. Hopefully, everything will begin working properly as soon as I get power to the little bugger.

Back to total entropy. Alkshdflaiu hrfli uasehrlfuhaelhfask jc aisd7r 4yilawhes fiua eh r 7hsidu cabas alk shrlaueroqp[[df asiufoa jfhak. Zkxjhdf aiuyriuaeyr.

Backing off a notch to comprehensible randomness. I will be playing a game of Diablo II this weekend with a few of my friends. Not that that matters a darn or anything. I like cheese, and it is Friday. Besides, there are no green dogs. Boy am I tired. It has been a long week. I will be eating Chinese food later. I wonder how much of James Joyce's Ulyses sounds like this. I'd never tried stream of consciousness writing before. I still can't spell. Week nearly over. Summer nearly over. This is beginning to sound like a Haiku. I really should try to sleep at night, it might help some of this. It's not like I don't sleep at all, mind you, just not when I'm supposed to. I really need this weekend. Why isn't it started yet. I need to play loud music and ........Darn trains of thought!

OK, back to reality for a minute. I'm just really tired, and I always wanted to try a bit of writing like that. It was kind of fun, but I don't know how long I could keep it up. OK, I'm going to shut up now.

This is the DoomsDay Aardvark, signing off